Amazon is working it’s magic and Whole Food Prices are being cut!


Whole Foods aka “Whole Paycheck” is one of the best places to get healthy groceries but is notorious for their high prices, hence the nickname. Luckily, Internet giant Amazon purchased the grocery chain and their first task was to cut prices. Avocados went from 2.79 to 1.99, and their salmon filets (responsibly farmed ones, of course) are down from 14.99 to 9.99.

So now, it’s not just rich people that can eat bougie foods. For those of us whose regular grocery shop is Walmart, we have a new option. Even if you’re a poor college student, there’s no excuse not to jump on the healthy bandwagon. Your Instagram will be full of avocado toasts, green juices, and quinoa salads.

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