About us


Our frenetic and casual genius, the Nicki Minaj of our squad.  When found, she’s hard at work thinking of intriguing and innovative ways to meme the faces off the unsuspecting public. While it can’t be proven that she exists, evidence of her is all around us, in fact, this evidence has been found as far as the moons of Jupiter, specifically Europa, where dog toys and poorly hidden junk food wrappers are strewn about its northern hemisphere. When she boards the idea train, it flies off into the sunset at 90 mph. Hall of Fame basketball and football stars can’t touch this lady when it comes to deciding who’s the real MVP.


It is foretold that once in every six and a half eons a hero comes forth to bring balance to the universe.  Hally is this hero, but we’re not sure she knows. Please no one tell her or she might start bringing balance to the universe instead of helping us.  Really guys, keep it on the low for us.  When she isn’t busy enjoying a crisp vodka soda (with a lemon NOT a lime) she is watching Netflix and planning her empire. A hard believer in the YOLO lifestyle and a true lady in the streets but a fierce boss in the office. We also think she might have T-Rex vision, like where she can’t see you if you don’t move.  Testing it has been tricky.