Check out how these strangers became a part of the Mile High Club!


The “couple”, who seemed to be a pair of complete strangers, hit it off (a little too well) and started hooking up on the plane. Most people would at least try to be discreet and sneak off to a secluded area or have some action going on under the blanket, but not these two. She just straddled him on the seat as they started going at it. An eyewitness even said he shouted to ask if anyone has a condom.

Now, in the social media age, you should know that people have camera phones on them at all times. So any kind of bad behavior like this could be captured on film and posted online, so you’re going to embarrass your whole family and probably never get a job again. If that’s not bad enough, there’s one BIGGER problem, the guy was on his way to his own bachelor party, and had a 6 month pregnant fiancé at home. I doubt his new plane friend knew about this.

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